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Old Soul Collective

Arch Pedestal Dish

Arch Pedestal Dish

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Please note this is currently only available for Pre-order. Once you have made a purchase, the piece should be shipped within 3 weeks.


This Arch pedestal dish is a contemporary display piece exclusive to Old Soul Collective! Designed by myself, This piece can be used for a range of different things around your home; whether it’s to display your jewellery, or one of our stunning candles.

Each piece is made with organic earth pigments and sealed with a non-toxic, waterproof sealant.
All pieces are non-toxic (but intended for decorative purposes)*please see disclaimer*
Each and every product is sealed with a water-proofing sealer, ensuring protection of colours, stains and sun exposure.

+ Plaster
+ Organic earth pigments
+ Food grade mineral oil that is certified plant based containing zero synthetics or toxins.
+ Eco friendly, waterproof, non-toxic sealant


Diameter: 13cm

Height: 8cm

Product care:
 Water (not hot, but can be warm) and cloth
+ I highly recommend cleaning off harsh contaminants as soon as possible to ensure the product is kept in prime condition.
+ When cleaning: avoid strong cleaning products & rough scrubbing. This will scratch your piece and can degrade the quality of the seal.

+ These pieces are NOT for eating off of. Being non-toxic allows the pieces to come in contact with the food you eat without causing you harm. They can, however, be used to style or display food.
Every piece is 100% made by hand. Small bubbles or minor variations in colour are normal characteristics and may appear in a piece.

+ I cannot accept returns due to each piece being handmade. If your item arrives broken/damaged please contact us on the day of delivery.

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